The largest network of waymarked hiking trails in the Aegean.

Nearly 260 km of waymarked routes on the beautiful island of Samos in the north Aegean, ranging from family strolls to challenging mountain climbs, allow you to discover the lush island forests, enjoy the view from the highest summits, reach exotic remote beaches, visit the greatest sights, explore the villages, meet the people and try the local products of Samos, every season of the year.

Durable wooden posts and direction signs. Informative trail maps.


Forty well-designed hiking routes across the island to discover the most authentic face of Samos island.

Find the NFC tags along your route to learn interesting facts about the island!

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Practical information

You can get to Samos either by air or by sea.

By plane

The easiest and quickest way to get to Samos is by air. There are scheduled flights connecting Samos to Athens and Thessaloniki all year round (flight duration 1 hr), while from May to October many airlines offer direct charter flights from many european cities to Samos International airport.

By ferry

The ferry service connecting Samos to the port of Piraeus runs almost daily throughout the year. The journey time is approximately 10 hours as far as Karlovasi, and 11 hours as far as Vathy (including stops on other islands). There are also regional connections to other Aegean islands and to the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala, Kusadasi (Turkey).

Please check ferry services and timetables by clicking on the following link: FERRY ROUTES

The most practical and flexible way to get around the island is with your own vehicle. If you do not have one, you can hire a car or a motorcycle in one of the many car / bike rentals in Samos, which deliver/receive the car at the airport or the port, on the day of your arrival/departure.

Public buses in Samos are also very convenient for hikers. They stop at every village and reach most corners of the island, while services run throughout the year with very reasonable fares. For further information on services please call 22730 27 262 or check their Facebook page KTEL SAMOS LOCAL BUSES.

Another practical, though more pricey, option is to arrange with a taxi driver to drop you off and/or pick you up at the start or end of your hike. However, please make sure you agree a price with the driver beforehand.

  • Vathy: 22730 28 404
  • Karlovasi: 22730 30 777
  • Kokkari: 22730 92 585
  • Pythagorio: 22730 61 450
  • Airport: 22730 61 440

  • European emergency phone number: 112
  • Samos Rescue Group: 22730 87 325 and 694 860 3131
  • Police: 100 and 22730 22 100
  • Fire Brigade: 22730 22 199
  • Port Authority: 22730 27 318
  • General Hospital (at Vathy): 22730 83 100
  • Medical center (at Karlovasi): 22730 32 222

April, May and June are excellent months for hiking in Samos. The weather is mild, days are long, and the cool spring breeze makes for pleasant walking all day long.

July, August and up to mid-September are the hottest months, therefore you should start very early in the morning, avoid hiking between 12 noon and 4pm, and get back in the early evening before sunset.

Late September, October and up to mid-November is the ideal time for hiking in Samos. The magical autumn colours and scents, the warm sea and the deserted beaches, the clear atmosphere, along with the fruit-laden trees alongside the trails, make it a paradise for hikers.

December, January and February are the most challenging months for hiking. Short days, frequent rains, and bitter cold up in the mountains may put off most but the more determined hikers.

In order to be safe and make the most out of your hike, the right gear is crucial. Essentials include hiking boots (or light hiking shoes), hiking poles and backpack, hat and sunscreen, long hiking pants. Depending on the season, a lightweight windproof and waterproof jacket, as well as a fleece jacket, are good to have in your backpack. Also make sure you pack a small first-aid kit, a torch, fully charged mobile phone, and a reliable hiking map. Hiking on your own is not recommended, and you should always let a third person know about the schedule of your intended hike.

A detailed hiking map of Samos is available in the scale of 1:30.000 (2020 edition), showing all the trails and hiking routes of the Samos Hikes network, with great detail and accuracy. You will find it at local outlets throughout the island, or at the publishers’ online store at

A hiking guide of Samos is also available in English (2016 edition), giving you more detail on most of the marked routes, though published before the routes were signposted. A new revised edition is expected to be released in spring 2021.

  • Dispose of waste properly. If no trash bins are available please carry out all trash back with you. If you see any litter whilst hiking, please pick it up.
  • Please do not cut branches, pick wild flowers, uproot plants, or carve tree-barks.
  • Do not make unnecessary noise. Respect other hikers and enjoy the sounds of nature.
  • Stay on marked trails at all times, in order to avoid treading on small plants and saplings.
  • Do not smoke when you are hiking on trails.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles are forbidden on hiking trails.
  • It is strictly forbidden to light fires anywhere in the forest. If you see fire or smoke in the forest, please inform the Samos Fire Brigade immediately by calling 22730-22199.
  • Remember that we are all guests of the forest. Respect the wildlife and enjoy nature responsibly.

Report a trail problem

Although we do our best to maintain the trails in good condition, the network is very large and trails and waymarks are exposed to adverse weather conditions or acts of vandalism. Please report any trail issues, concerns or problems you may encounter while you hike on the trails so that we can get it fixed the soonest possible. We want to make sure that hiking on the Samos Hikes network remains a safe and enjoyable experience!