Kosmadei - Kakoperato cave

3.2 km
1h 25'
316 m
Connected to route 5, 10, 14

An easy and enjoyable route, beginning at the charming Kosmadei village which is at the epicentre of the hiking trails in West Samos, and ending at the small church of Panagia which is built in the cavern of a cave, in the north western slopes of Mt. Kerkis. This is where the spectacular Kakoperato gorge starts to form, a striking canyon with high vertical rock formations which leads to Megalo Seitani beach. Take headlamps with you if you want to proceed further into the cave (length of cavern is 35m), but descend carefully as the ground is slippery. You’ll find potable water at the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

Note: The Kakoperato gorge features a difficult bolted canyoning route with about 40 rappel descents, requiring specialised equipment, expert technical knowledge and the accompaniment of an experienced guide in order to cross it.