Drakei - Zastano peak

7.3 km
5h 15'
1107 m
Connected to route 6, 10

A mountain hike suitable for experienced hikers in excellent physical condition. However, you may choose to do only the easy first leg of the trek and return back to Drakei by the same path. The initial 4 km of the route, from the starting point until the plateau in the Koutres area, is a lovely hike under the shade of a dense pine forest. The next 2 km of the route, from the plateau until the col at an altitude of 1220m, is a challenging climb, which passes through certain points with a steep incline, exposed to precipices, where you must be extremely careful. Once at the col, Zastano peak is 400m to the north. From the col, you can also reach Vigla peak, the highest peak of Mt. Kerkis, which is a 2.2 km to the south.