Valeontades - Manolates - Valeontades

8.2 km
4h 0'
598 m
Connected to route 19, 20B, 25

The longest stretch of this route is on forest tracks, but the first leg that follows the Kakorema ravine, is even more enjoyable than a trail! In this ravine, that has water running through it year-round, you’ll see a lot of beehives – and there’s even one spot where you can buy local honey – plots of land full of fruit trees and old farmhouses. As soon as you exit the ravine, and until you reach Manolates village, you’ll follow part of the same course as Route 25, through a lovely verdant forest and old estates. At Manolates, one of the prettiest and most traditional villages of Samos, it’s worth stopping for a spot of lunch or coffee, or to buy folk art that’s made locally in the village. The last part of the hike, from Manolates to Valeontades, cuts through dense forests, imposing vineyards and plots of land with fruit trees. At Valeontades, in the region of Aidonia, you’ll find open-air taverns nestled within an idyllic scenery overflowing with plane trees, as well as the renovated old houses of the village which have been converted to guesthouses.