Potami - Waterfalls - Tsourlei - Potami

4.0 km
1h 30'
284 m
Connected to route 3, 5

The highlight of this route are the Potami Waterfalls, which can be reached after a short enjoyable hike along a lush riverbed, suitable for the whole family.

At the start point, a few meters to the east, you will see the ruins of the byzantine church of St. Nikolaos (13th-14th century). Further on, just before entering the path, it is worth stopping to see the byzantine church of Metamorfosi (11th- 14th century). The door is unlocked so you can see the interesting interior with its four ancient marble columns supporting the tall dome.

The path along the riverbed under the shade of the plane trees is a true oasis. Τhe small wooden bridges at several points of the stream will help you cross the other side till you get to a small lake. At this point, if you want to see the waterfalls falling from a 5m height, you will have to get into the water and walk or swim in the stream for 5 – 10 mins, preferably in your swimming suit! Please keep in mind that there is no facility for storing your personal belongings in the vicinity of the waterfalls.

From the waterfalls, the marked trail climbs the wooded hill on the western side of the stream, and takes you to the dirt track heading south to Tsourlei, a quaint but almost abandoned village at the foot of Mt. Kerkis. In the old times the villagers here used to be farmers, but later abandoned their village in favor of an easier life in the nearby town of Karlovasi. Today you will stroll through the abandoned houses with their old-time charm and you may fill your flask with cool water at the fountain of the village.

To complete the loop of Route 2, you will backtrack your steps on the road exiting the village to the north, and then follow the signs to enter the scenic pine shaded trail taking you back to Potami. Alternatively, if you wish to do a longer hike, you may connect to waymarked Route 3 or Route 5 by continuing south towards the villages of Leka or Kosmadei. You will see the signs of these routes after you pass the last houses of the village.