Kokkari - Vourliotes - Kokkari

10.0 km
4h 15'
671 m
Connected to route 23

This is the best known and most travelled hiking route throughout Samos! And for good reason: it is easy (not too easy, though!) and long (but not too long or tiring!). Its starting point is the seaside village of Kokkari, which is the most popular and touristically developed settlement on the north shore of Samos. Its destination is Vourliotes, one of the most picturesque villages of Mt. Karvounis, also offering all the necessary facilities for visitors. It runs through a widely diverse landscape that makes every moment of your hike exciting: age-old olive groves along cypress trees, orange groves, well tended vineyards, streams in ravines, pine forests, spots with exceptional views. Make sure you have as much water as you need with you until you reach Vourliotes, where you can replenish your flask from the fountain as you enter the village. At the entrance, but also in the quaint main square of Vourliotes, you’ll find traditional tavernas with excellent food.