Kokkari - Vronda Monastery - Lazaros peak

8.8 km
5h 30'
1206 m
Connected to route 23A, 25A

This is probably the toughest trek on the Samos Hikes network, but probably the most exciting too! It is fit only for hikers in excellent physical condition who look for an intense challenge. You start at sea level and climb up to an altitude of 1,025m. You’ll walk by Vronda monastery (16th century), exquisite mountain vineyards, thick pine forests, and many spots with superb views, until you reach Lazaros peak, where the view is absolutely captivating! If you haven’t made arrangements for someone to come pick you up at the end of the route, you should take into consideration the time you’ll need to return to Kokkari hiking back on the same trail. However, if you have time and energy, you can continue onto Route 24 and complete traversing Mt. Karvounis from north to south, terminating at Pandrosos village. You’ll find refreshing water at the Lazaros fountain, near the peak, but you should have with you as much water as you can carry, especially if it’s a hot day.