Vourliotes - Aghia Marina

5.6 km
2h 45'
672 m
Connected to route 23, 25

This is the best route if you want to get a good view of the mountain vineyards of Samos. The first kilometre of the route from the village of Vourliotes is the same as Route 25. The next leg of the route, about 1.5km in length, is a smooth path through vast vineyards that spread all over this entire sun-kissed mountain slope. The next uphill stretch, is an ascent through the forest, on a hill with a steep incline, but at the end of it, you’ll find the small chapel of Aghia Marina, an ideal spot to catch your breath. From there, the last part of the route, about 1.5km length, will take you comfortably to the northern foothills of Lazaros peak, where you’ll meet Route 23. If you have the energy and inclination, you can continue towards the summit, otherwise, you can return to Vourliotes following Route 23A.

Note: We’d like to inform hikers that a large part of Route 25A on the Samos Hikes network, has suffered changes due to the uninformed signposting for commercial purposes sponsored by a private company, with paint on trees, unnecessary widening of the path, uprooting of wild vegetation and discarded uprooted shrubs and cut trees right next to the path. The designing and operating carriers of the Samos Hikes network, bear no responsibility for these conditions.