Vathy - Profitis Elias - Kamara

7.8 km
3h 0'
458 m
Connected to route 28

The chapel of Profitis Elias offers an excellent panoramic view of Vathy, but also the hike on the north side of Thios hill, as far as Kamara, is a very pleasant hike through the pine forest. The route begins at Pythagoras square in the centre of the port, it goes through the winding lanes of the northern neighbourhoods, cuts through Vathy ring road, and a few hundred metres further north you’ll find yourself in a peaceful landscape densely covered by pine trees, shrub oaks, and aromatic plants. From the finishing point of this route at Kamara, you can continue on Route 28 towards the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. To return to Vathy, you can call a taxi or have a friend pick you up with their car.

Important Notice - 15 Oct 2020 : It would be best to avoid walking the first part of Route 27 as, due to its proximity to the overcrowded refugee camp, the area around the chapel of Agios Konstantinos is now occupied by makeshift tents of asylum-seekers, sadly living in dire conditions. Hopefully, when asylum-seekers are transferred to the new Detention Facility in Mytilinioi in 2021, the surrounding environment will be restored and Route 27 will be open again to hikers.