Aghia Zoni - Profitis Elias - Aghia Zoni

8.0 km
2h 30'
376 m
Connected to route 29A

A very interesting exploration hike in the most remote area on the eastern tip of Samos. The first section of the path which goes uphill from the village of Aghia Zoni towards Profitis Elias, is a beautiful small footpath surrounded by olive groves, pine trees and dense bushy vegetation, primarily strawberry trees (arbutus), and lots of wild lavender. The path which continues towards the south of the hill and then traverses the eastern slope, is an enjoyable hike through a wild isolated landscape offering nice views to the sea. There is a fountain with fresh cool water at the beginning of a ravine on the southern tip of the path. If you’d like to cool down even more, you can follow the marked trail which descends to the deserted beach of Megali Lakka beach, and enjoy a refreshing swim in its crystalline waters.