Potami - Plaka hill - Tsourlei - Potami

8.3 km
4h 0'
694 m
Connected to route 1, 2, 5

Route 3 goes through a striking scenery of ancient olive groves on the northern foothills of Plaka Hill, a thick pine forest on the north side of the stream between the villages of Nikoloudes and Tsourlei, and an age-old rural landscape on the southern foothills. The climb to the top of the hill from the northern side, has a stretch of 100m of steep incline, with secure supporting ropes to assist in the ascent. It is recommended that young children and people unaccustomed to challenging terrain should avoid this leg of Route 3. From the (almost abandoned) village of Tsourlei you can follow Route 2 towards the waterfalls and Potami beach. Route 3 is also connected to Route 5, which grants you access towards the paths to Mount Kerkis.