Kerveli - Posidonio - Klima - Psili Ammos - Paleokastro

18.0 km
7h 0'
776 m

The longest route of the Samos Hikes network, Route 30 covers the whole south-eastern corner of the island and is the best way to experience this quiet and beautiful part of Samos. You’ll need a full day to complete the whole hike, but you can of course split the route to your convenience. At the seaside resorts of Kerveli, Posidonio, Klima and Psili Ammos, you’ll find restaurants and cafés. For the most part, the route runs on smooth dirt roads, therefore you can also enjoy it by mountain biking. The top attraction of the route is the wetland of Alyki, which is dried up in the summer, while from autumn through spring when there is plenty of water, it becomes the home of a flamboyance of stunning flamingos which come to spend the winter here, a truly exotic sight which is worth observing with binoculars or photographing with a zoom lens.