Myli - Koumaradei - Myli

10.6 km
4h 30'
472 m
Connected to route 32A

This long and fulfilling hike allows you to embark on a fascinating exploration of the rural countryside north of Myli, through the olive groves and orchards which abound on the gentle slopes between the villages of Myli and Koumaradei. Just before you leave Myli, you have the chance to visit and admire the oldest olive tree in Samos (and possibly in the Aegean), believed to be 2,500 years old and still surviving and bearing fruit to this date. Also worth a visit is the monastery of Megali Panagia (16th century), and last but not least, for a small part of this route you walk on one of the few surviving sections of the stone-paved Hegemonic Road, a road which was constructed when Samos was a semi-independent state (1834-1912).