Hegemonic Road

3.2 km
1h 10'
0 m
Connected to route 32

Hegemonic Road was a large highway for the trading of merchandise and transfer of people, which ran through the whole of Samos. It was constructed during the period of 1834-1912, and it was 3 metres wide with a paved surface, stone pavements and bridges over the ravines, and stone-built ramps. Unfortunately, a mere few sections of this impressive public venture survive today, on the east side of Samos. Using the valuable information gathered from the locals, a sweeping on-the-spot research was conducted in order to locate the existing sections of the road. As these were completely overgrown with thick vegetation, an extensive and painstaking effort was made to clear and unearth the paths. The three small sections of the Hegemonic Road which were discovered, cleared and signposted, lie in the same area, but unfortunately do not connect with each other.