Drakei - Megalo Seitani

4.2 km
1h 30'
244 m
Connected to route 1, 12

The loveliest beach of Samos (Megalo Seitani), a remote village which still holds onto its authentic traditional character, a shady pine forest reaching to the sea, all of these little treasures come together in one hike! Organising the trek can be a bit of a challenge (you’ll have to find a way to reach the remote Drakei village which is the starting point of this hike, possibly by bus from Karlovasi), but you should not leave the island without having lived this experience! There’s a tap with drinkable water on Megalo Seitani beach, as well as many cedars which offer ample shade. From there, you can continue your hike on Route 1 all the way to Potami and then get to Karlovasi.