Panagia Makrini

0.5 km
234 m
Connected to route 8

A short hike on the west slope of Mt. Kerkis, if you want to get a first taste of the mountain without getting too tired. The first signpost for this hike is situated in Kallithea village, on the main road towards Drakei, and it is meant to help you turn right onto the dirt road which leads to the starting point. Drive through the dense pine forest which envelops the west slopes of Mt. Kerkis for…km, until you reach the trailhead. You can fill your flask with cool refreshing water from the spring which you’ll find next to the chapel of Aghia Paraskevi. The hike all the way up to the impressive chapel of Panagia Makrini (erected in 1764), which is built in the cavity of the rock, isn’t difficult at all. From here, it’s worth climbing some way further up, to visit the old chapel of Aghia Triada and enjoy the lovely views. Here is the starting point to the most dramatic ascent to the summit of Mt. Kerkis (Hiking route 8), which is however only recommended for experienced hikers using appropriate equipment.