Panagia Makrini - Vigla peak

2.6 km
2h 15'
611 m
Connected to route 7, 9, 10

This is the hardest and most demanding climb to Vigla peak, the highest peak of Kerkis. A large part of this trek is on the edge of a ridge with a 300-metre cliff on one side and a steep slope on the other. It is a dangerous trek and must, under no circumstances, be attempted when it’s windy, if you’re afraid of heights, or if you’re not an experienced hiker equipped with appropriate gear (mainly: good quality hiking boots). The view towards the open sea and the neighbouring islands of Ikaria and Fourni is breath-taking! From Vigla peak, and provided that you haven’t left your car at the starting point, you can continue on Route 10 northbound, till you reach the monastery of Panagia Kakoperato, and from there, follow Route 11 to reach the village of Kosmadei. Alternatively, you can get to Kosmadei faster by following Route 10 eastbound, where you’ll pass by the chapel-refuge of Profitis Elias, reach Monument, and from there, follow Route 14 to Kosmadei.